Storytelling is Not Limited to Words

Videography is only part of our service - Concept and Creativity are our other strengths!

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Promotional Videos

No matter what business you are in, we can help you promote your brand with a full filming service. We work with you and give you options to creatively promote your product or service at an extremely competitive price without compromising quality.

Gothic Zen Studios comes to you or we can arrange studio time for bigger projects if necessary. Depending on your filming requirements, we can add special effects in post production or film on location. We use quality equipment that captures rich colours and great sound.

Filming & Editing Services

Creativity comes in many forms. Concepts often come to you in the middle of the night and you are compelled to write them down. But then what? If you need a service to help you release your dreams, please contact us. You might have a short film in there somewhere?

We film/create Book Trailers, Music Videos, Acting Portfolios, Poetry Slams, Stage Productions, Audiovisual Stories and any other creative talent that you wish to capture on film for love or career.

Photographic and Photoshop services are also one of our specialties.

Special Occasions

There is no rewind button in life, but you can relive special occasions if they were captured on film. We can harness any significant event so you can share it or preserve it.

Birthdays, weddings, special announcements, or even a day out with your beloved pet. It is all precious. At Gothic Zen Studios we also convert your old VHS videos to DVD or place them on a USB. We can also arrange your videos and photographs to create a unique keepsake that would make great sentimental gifts.

Experience is far better than procrastination or fear of failure.

Experience is life-changing!

- Gothic Zen

"Gothic Zen Studios are creative and highly talented. They scripted a wonderful promotional video for the 2014 Gold Coast Writers Festival, which created a great deal of interest to increase awareness and attendance. Most importantly, Gothic Zen Studios go that extra step in customer service. They really listen to the importance of what is being said so that the best message can be tailored and conveyed. They are passionate in their delivery, professional and meticulous in all aspects. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to reach a broad audience and who wants to stand out from the rest to get noticed!"

- Kay Danes OAM, Administrator | Humanitarian | Author | Speaker

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