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Gothic Zen™ Studios film production

 The Gothic Zen Experience

You’ll find Gothic Zen™ takes a unique ‘holistic’ approach to film production, which emphasizes originality and flow.

We don’t use outdated film production formulas, as we find they hinder creativity, especially the cinematic storytelling process. Instead, we trust the energy that builds during pre-production and allow it to guide us to the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

Gothic Zen™ Studios film production

If you want

→  to produce a documentary or online show

→  promotional videos or content for your music, books, acting reel or business

→  your video footage professionally edited

→  to learn Screenwriting with a qualified lecturer in a supportive environment

→  to have your screenplay edited, evaluated or formatted to industry standards

We are here for you!

Gothic Zen™ Studios film production

Thanks so very much, Goran and Clare, it was a pleasure working with you. You’re both truly professional and efficient in delivery – skills that are rare to find these days. I feel privileged to have met you both. Good luck with future endeavours.

Jody, Theatre Director

Gothic Zen™ Studios honours creative individuality and diversity