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The Gothic Zen Experience

You’ll find the Gothic Zen™ film production team professional, experienced and friendly.

After years of honing our craft, we’ve learned that you need MORE than just fancy camera angles, lighting and filmic formulas to connect with your audience. You also need to incorporate psychological princples into your production, as this is how you create an impact and share your story in a rich, more connective way.

We consider this to be a holistic approach, as it’s only when all the tiny parts of the production come together that you can form an impressive whole.

Gothic Zen™ Studios film production

Gothic Zen can assist you with:

→  Creating a documentary, online show or course

→  Using video to promote for your music, books, acting reel or business

→  Professionally editing your footage

→  Screenwriting Courses taught by a qualified lecturer in a supportive environment

→  Script Consultancy, if you need your screenplay edited, evaluated or formatted to industry standards

Gothic Zen™ Studios film production

Gothic Zen™ Studios honours creative individuality and diversity

Professional & Efficient

Thanks so very much, Goran and Clare, it was a pleasure working with you. You’re both truly professional and efficient in delivery – skills that are rare to find these days. I feel privileged to have met you both. Good luck future endeavours.

– Jody, Theatre Director

Great Production Ideas

Very friendly, grassroots company with great production ideas! Clare and Goran made me feel comfortable in front of the camera thanks to their kind natures and composure behind the camera.

– Scott, Gloria Jeans Cutomer


Gothic Zen are incredible! They offered us professional advice to assist us in putting together our ideas, and then created a supportive and relaxed environemnt for our filming. We highly recommend anyone needing any type of filming or editing to contact Gothic Zen – a beautiful couple with a wonderful work ethic.

– Delina, Fit Dimension Education