Our Story

Bridging one world with another through storytelling

GORAN ZIVANOVIC (Co-Founder and Creative Director)

Two of Goran’s earlier novels (under a pseudonym) became the inspiration to move towards screenwriting disciplines and graduate with a Bachelor of Film Production from SAE Institute, Byron Bay.

Goran holds a teaching qualification and is a respected screenwriting lecturer at a well-established international film school. He also continues to work with private clients through his film production business, Gothic Zen Studios, whilst gravitating to the pure indulgence of script.

Goran believes the greatest stories are the result of bravery and involvement, not signposts and strict formulas. He prefers intuition over science to deliver a mentally congealing experience to his target audience.

CLARE ZIVANOVIC (Co-Founder and Production Consultant)

Clare’s apprenticeship in film began when she was working as a Naturopath. Her days were filled with clients and natural medicines, while her nights and weekends were dedicated to playing with cameras, learning art direction and navigating the editing desk.

Eventually, Clare realised her heart yearned for a creative career, which was when she closed her clinical practice and started collaborating with film professionals to hone her skills. Soon after, Clare teamed up with Goran to establish Gothic Zen Studios in 2012.

Since then, Clare has continued to polish her film skills, whilst also studying Writing and publishing children’s health books. Experience has taught her that having a creative career, with a clinical background, has its advantages: it provides a foundation for merging flow with practicality. This is why Clare is now a respected Producer and Editor who takes a holistic approach to every project.

Very friendly, grassroots company with great production ideas. Clare and Goran made me feel comfortable in front of the camera thanks to their kind natures and composure behind the camera.

Scott, Gloria Jeans Customer

Gothic Zen™ Studios honours creative individuality and diversity